Friday, May 11, 2018

Gamble on Transit at #ConChaCo

Gamble on Transit and Traffic in Charleston Saturday to benefit F&B at the Recovery Room

SkyeLynn, former #chs F&B Worker at Fast and French
May 12– 5 to 8:30 pm- How to play ##ConChaCo CARTA Kino and win prizes

#ConChaCo is a day long festival built around Charleston’s free #20 bus route which can take you to the Recovery Room from the pressures of the South (29401) where tourists, prep, and history produce the stress to the North (29403) where family, bills and taking care of old houses before you are gentrified out of your neighborhood causes the stress. That’s three miles of stress with our reliable source of relief & PBRs in the middle.  On May 12, our bus will take you to the Farmer’s Market, Awakening Motion, the Greek Festival and the Night Market in addition to the all important ConChaCo Pub Crawl and Restaurant Hop to support F&B workers which we plan to win by turning the largest number of F&B support cards.

The Rules of CARTA Kino

1– Get a numbered ticket before 15 minutes of the next hour by making a purchase or filling out an F&B workers support card telling CARTA and the Mayor our F&B workers need better transit and parking options so they can get to and stay at work downtown. You can also just ask for one.

Download printable F&B support cards to share with customers and friends for deposit into the Fair Box at all the pubs and restaurants on the crawl. 
2. Deposit your ticket in one of the 12 containers based on when in the next hour you think the first Northbound #20 bus will pass (and hopefully stop near) the Recovery room.  Get a red cow bell when you deposit your ticket. If you think the bus will come at 12 after, deposit your ticket in the container which says 10-14.

3. Wait, this is a bar so get a beer, talk to your neighbors, or sit out on our front patio watching Charleston go by.  Hold on to that cow bell. When you see the Northbound #20 ring your cowbell so the official time keeper will know to look up from his beer and record the time. If you ride CARTA you already know how to wait. You can use an app to cut down on your waiting for the bus, but don’t count on that to win CARTA Kino because downtown traffic, like kino, is a game of chance. Prizes cannot legally include alchohol, but we’ll sell you all the drinks you want. It’s how we pay the rent.

4.If Sylphide’s (Pictured left) luck shines on you your ticket will be in the slot which wins for that hour. If you have the only ticket in that slot, you can keep the prize for yourself.  If you share the win with others you have two options: 1. Share the prize or 2. Draw from the winners for the final winner who gets to keep the prize.  Return your cow bell.

5. Start the game over, throw the old tickets away and start putting new ones in the slots because while buses in Charleston don’t come every 10 minutes, they do come eventually.

 Printable one page flyer on CARTA Kino at #ConChaCo

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