Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Bus2Beach 2018 Banner Production Begins Sunday Night, May 20

“CARTA- Bring Buses Back to Our Beaches”  won the voting by a plurality to be the slogan on this summer’s banner for the return buses to Folly Campaign. I rather favored “Return transit to the Atlantic” but we can always do another one later.

Here is the design for the banner. We’ll pencil in the lettering on Sunday evening, May 20 downtown at the Hamilton Law office at 8 pm. It’s quite an operation. We have a wooden skyhook that hangs off the railing from the second floor of the atrium balcony and the projector puts the image on the canvass rolled out on the first floor below. Volunteers using knee pads, (the floor is brick) pencil in the lettering using carpenter’s pencils.

Digital projector mounted on the Franke Bld. Skyhook
Of course once we have all of this gear set up, we can do a lot of layouts quickly. If you have a piece of hall runner canvass that you’ve blocked with regular light colored latex paint, we can bang out your design from your PDF at the same time.  Using painted canvass makes the entire operation work much better and the resulting work is more durable. We also have a grommet kit.  Grommets make the banner much easier to use and allow the use of corner stays, which are like the plastic inserts for shirt collars, but for banners.  To paint the canvass, just get some old white paint and roll it with a paint roller on the end of a broomstick.  They’ll give you all the recycled paint you want at the Charleston County recycling center on bees ferry road.

We need volunteers to help Sunday evening at 8 pm. We can meet on the sidewalk in front of the Franke Building at 8 pm and the work shouldn’t take more than an hour.

12 x 15 foot map of the low-country being painted 
We'll begin painting this banner at or near the Folly Beach Farmer's Market, weather permitting on Monday, May 21.

For more information call (843) 870-5299 or email I don’t like texting and don’t count on good or consistent results from that or random comments on facebook If you want to change the world, pick up the phone and talk to people.

This method of hand painted banner production was taught to us by Greenpeace which makes some really huge ones this way. We first used it to produce the 12 x 15 foot canvass map of the lowcountry we use for school visits.

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