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Connect to the People, Money and Energy of #ConChaCo on May 12

Charleston Trolly Token, ca 1911
Charleston, SC- Money, Mutual Knowledge and Mobility are some of what makes Charleston work. On Saturday, May 12, ConChaCo will help your business, organization or family get more of all three by reinvigorating the power of our 151 year old King Street transit line which has gone from horse drawn street cars, to electric trolleys to diesel buses from the 1996 Olympics and may be on the way to electrically powered Pro Terra transit vehicles made in Greenville. SC.

ConChaCo will use our existing, free #20 Upper King St. Meeting St. CARTA Bus line to line five major community events: The Farmer’s Market on Marion Square; Awakening Motion; Greekfest; The ConChaCo Pub Crawl & Restaurant Hop and the Night Market. See the ConChaCo Map & Event Guide.

It’s all enabled by the new Transit App which allows everyone to get ETAs for their bus on their phone. The event has been designed with an open architecture you, your business or your organization can connect to. The person to person distribution of 5 thousand detailed programs in the city has already begun. What can you do if you didn’t get on the “official program?”

For a start, next year, answer our emails, but relax you can still be involved.

Mary Smith, appearing as Sylphide, the spirit of mobility, will be present at ConChaCo

We’ll be focusing our day of informational effort around the #conchaco hashtag on Twitter and social media. Tweet your sales, special offers and activities on or within a few blocks of the bus route to the twitterverse using the #ConChaCo hashtag. We’ll be monitoring and sharing what comes in at our information tent at the Corner of Grove Street and King (The corner of the Food Lion Parking lot), right by the bus stop.

If you want to go old school, bring printed paper literature to our information center and we’ll distribute it for you. Discount coupons are a good idea. Make sure it’s secured with a rubber band. What you print should mention which bus stop people need to get off the #20 at and provide a map or clear directions from there to your event.  Make sure you get copies of whatever you’re printing to local media and that they understand your activity is part of ConChaCo.  Consider putting up directional signs from the stop to your event.

FRS Radio. We’ll be monitory and making announcements about ConChaCo on FRS Radio code 3-3.

We’ll be distributing a flyer of updated information at our tent which can list your event or activity. The cost for a listing is $25. (The cost to be on the 5000 full color guides we’re handing out was zero.)

We have several organizations looking for indoor locations along the route for activities that day. If you would like to host an art exhibit, informational presence on healthcare or craft activities related to transit, it can help raise your organizational profile and draw more people to your location. Just contact us.

Please comply with all applicable city ordinances in your activities and keep us in the loop. We’ll do what we can to drive people, opportunity and connections to your ConChaCo Connected activity.

Hard Work for a Better Mobile Future

Transit Campaign, Labor Day, 2016
151 Years ago a black women in Charleston named Mary Bowers gained the “right to ride” for all when she challenged the segregated horse drawn streetcar system in Charleston. She protested and filed a formal complaint with the United States Army.  Mary understood the power of transit to connect community. The location where Mary did that is right on the #20 bus route, at Marion Square. The day she did that was also a celebration of freedom, as the Civil Rights act swept the debris of slavery from the post Civil War South. Mary saw no reason for the promises of freedom and equality made to her that day to end at the sidewalk. She believed they should move on the streets as well.

We’ll remember Mary on the 151st anniversary of her victory for human dignity on Thursday, May 3rd at 6 pm on the East Side of Marion Square, across from Citadel Square Baptist Church. Following a short commemoration, we’ll walk over to the Gaillard Center for a screening of Citizen Jane, a documentary about Jane Jacobs whose ground breaking book The Life and Death of Great American Cities and activism killing Robert Moses’s cross Manhattan Freeway project helped revive an understanding of the value of transit and urban living. While we’re doing that, Ben Ross will be on the last stop of his All Uphill for Transit tour helping organize a campaign for better transit in Greenville, SC after stops in Columbia and Charleston (May 1, 7 pm at the Longshoreman’s Hall.)

Connect with ConChaCo.  Created a Transit Connected Charleston on May 12.

Contact #ConChaCo

William J. Hamilton, III

Executive Director, Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit, Inc. (501c3) or (843) 870-5299

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