Sunday, May 6, 2018

ConChaCo- Together We Go Forward

For the week leading up to #ConChaCo we'll issue five media statements focusing on the elements of this community effort to end a culture of low expectations for transit.  They'll represent what we've learned in the 10 month effort to put this event together from the hundreds of people who are now involved.
Design your own transit system activity.
  • Monday- Together, What shared goals have brought the Conchaco effort together
  • Tuesday - We, Who is involved and how have them come together, National, Local and Neighborhood partners.
  • Wednesday- Go, What sort of movement do we plan to achieve beginning with Conchaco and through to the end of this year, where are we going.
  • Thursday- Forward, What must progress look like, why we can't wait for better transit in Charleston any longer.
  • Friday- #Conchaco, hints on how to enjoy the event, how to win a free chicken dinner, become an artists, bike Charleston for $5, Liberate yourself from the misery of parking garages and traffic.

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