Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Return the Rapid to Ladson, Lincolnville, Summerville and Sangaree Online Action Guide

Welcome to our online action guide which will give you updated one click links to more information and resources on how you can help return your rapid to Ladson, Lincolnville, Summerville and Sangaree. Background information on this issue.

You can download a printable PDF version of this document.

1. Call or write US Congressman James Clyburn and ask him to support a complete transit line from Summerville to Charleston as originally proposed in the 2015 I26 Alt Study as approved by the voters of Charleston County in the November 2016 referendum. Nearly the entire transit line is in Clyburn's district. Phone: (202)225-3315, Fax: (202)225-2313  Congressman Clyburn's contact information. Online form to contact the Congressman. 

2. Contact your other US members of Congress, Congresswoman Nancy Mace, Senator Tim Scott (who sits on the infrastructure committee and Sen. Lindsey Graham. 202-224-3121 

3. Contact your County and Municipal Elected Officials and make sure they understand that you hold them accountable for honoring the promises made before the 2016 referendum. No private group of government employee can or should make their decisions for them.  Charleston County Council controls the local funding for the Rapid Transit project.

4. Contact your state legislators House and Senate and ask them to support construction and operation or real rapid transit in the Lowcountry. Find your state legislators and get their contact information.  Representative Marvin Pendarvis represents most of Ladson, Lincolnville and the Eastern part of Summerville (sometimes called Brownsville, on the Berlin G. Myers side of the railroad tracks). Pendarvis is working on this issue, but welcomes your ideas and expressions of support. He can't do this alone.

5. Demand notice of future Transit related meetings held by the COG or its associated organizations, including the CARTA Board. Download the form from Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit.

6. Attend meetings of the CARTA Board and LCRT Steering Committee, in person or online. The next meeting of the LCRT Steering Committee and the first public meeting of that committee will be on April 19, 2021 at 1 pm. This is the link to sign up for the April 19 LCRT Steering Committee meeting You must sign up using the link to monitor the meeting on zoom. You can also attend in person.

There is also a virtual Summerville Station Area Workshop later that same day on Monday, April 19, 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. [Register Here!] regarding the Berlin G Myers station area

7. Ride local transit and get your kids to ride. They don't need rides everywhere, all the time. They can plan their trips with you on Google Maps Transit and use the Transit App on their phone to find out where their bus is and when it will arrive. Both CARTA and LINK are on both systems.

8. Support the Open the Ocean effort by Best Friends to make the new Shuttle to the Beach at the Isle of Palms work this summer. Help end the culture of mediocrity which is suffocating local transit effort. Make them so something right. Help get kids to the beach. Come to our events. Share information about the effort with people who might enjoy visiting the beach.

9. Fix Tri County Link. Contact local officials about reestablishing a publicly accountable board of directors for LINK.

10. Talk to your friends and neighbors about this issue. We cannot pave our way out of congestion. No community in the US has ever been able to do so. Without real rapid transit from Ridgeville to downtown Charleston we all face a future strangled by traffic congestion. You don't have to ride transit, but everyone needs it if we're going to get where we need to go.

11.Get on the Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit Email list.


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