Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Flowertown Gets Rapid, Julie Gets Mimosas and Confederate Disneyland gets Tomarrow

Get Rapid in Flowertown Tonight

The Longshoreman’s Hall in downtown Charleston had more people in it attending a COG Transit Planning meeting than we have seen in 20 years, through 4.5 million dollars in studies. The public was more informed and forceful than they’ve ever been. The Charleston Area Justice Ministry CAJM made its presence felt with relentless emphasis on equity and social justice issues. It’s encouraging to have someone else in the room who understands that there are people on our buses. CAJM is on a "Mission from God" and it shows.

The Rapid Transit planning workshops continue tonight in Summerville on Wednesday, Jan. 30. They’ll put you in a table group to discuss issues and afterwards one of the people sitting at your table, maybe you, will make a presentation using a board with large post it notes attached filled in by you and your peers. You’ll get a few minutes to talk. Image, right, Monday's meeting in Charleston.

Encourage your table mates to dream boldly. When you get your moment to speak, hit it hard. The future never got here without some forceful words. No Transit System of this scale ever rose from the ground on the power of polite suggestions.

Tonight’s meeting is in Summerville. 6 to 9 pm, Alston-Bailey Elementary School, 820 W 5th North St, Summerville, SC 29483-3846. You meet a lot of new people just joining our effort, some living without a car in areas with no functional transit. including our new friends in Sangaree and our old allies form Lincolnville. Please be supportive and help keep them in the fight. We’ll have an information table with information about Transit Equity Day on Monday and some of our new, very cool stickers.

Thursday’s meeting is at Trident Tech in N. Charleston from 6 to 9 pm.  We’ve put a lot of effort into outreach in N. Charleston and we expect a crowd. We also expect it be loud.  Competing candidates for Mayor of Charleston were at the Monday meeting and we expect the same on Thursday.

Julie Gets Mimosas and Facetime Monday - We would like to thank Julie Hussey for sponsoring a legislator’s table at our Benne Breakfast for Better Transit on Transit Equity Day, Feb. 4. She and three friends will be having JA Moore’s breakfast and Mimosas with State Representative Marvin Pandanis, sponsor of five pieces of legislation to improve public transit in SC. Several more Legislator’s tables area available so please order your tickets online today.

Cougar Rapid Tomorrow - If you want to participate in the radical visioning of the Lowcountry’s Transit enabled future at the College of Charleston on Monday, please contact the student organizers for a table space: Emmaline: 20-year-old junior at the College of Charleston majoring in marine biology and philosophy and minoring in dance. or (410) 474-7462 and Quinn: 17-year-old freshman at CofC, dance major. or 770-878-1299. Tables and electrical power will be available in the Stern Ballroom. Are you ready for a fast future on a hot planet by a rising sea? Let’s go to the place Charleston never visits, the future.

Image, Right, Mural near future site of Line Street BRT station showing two things Charleston doesn't see very often, somebody creating art about the future and an empty, free paring space for auto dependent people.

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