Wednesday, July 25, 2018

County Council Committee to Proposes Changes to how CARTA is Controlled.

Last night Charleston County Council voted to approve the CARTA budget and appoint a committee to change the way CARTA is controlled. We agree that CARTA needs to be improved, but the lack of reference in the discussion to the needs of the people who ride the community and the people who ride the buses is disturbing. Please contact the members of the committee  and remind them that thousands of families depend on this transit system and so do the people who employ them. Councilmen Sass, Qualey and Summey were appointed to a committee to work on this issue. View the discussion online starting at 1:25

Please share your personal experience with transit and CARTA in a respectful way..

While we push CARTA for improvements, it’s important to recognize it provides transportation service critical to the survival of thousands of Lowcountry families and businesses. Congestion is beginning to strangle regular bus service here. The Bus Rapid Transit line is a powerful tool to deal with all of these problems, but large parts of our area will continue to rely on regular bus service. Cutting bus service (as CARTA has been doing for the past 8 years) aggravates all of our community’s transportation problems.

The Lowcountry’s way forward has to be more and better transit services, which the voters of Charleston County chose to do in November 2016.

Please contact the members of this new committee and urge them to:
  • Remember the thousands of people who ride our buses, their families and their employers
  • Work to create a CARTA capable of providing more and better transit for the Lowcountry to reduce congestion and increase our quality of life.

Joseph K. Qualey
(843) 693-3434

J. Elliott Summey
(843) 958-4031 (O)

Herbert Ravenel Sass, III
(843) 766-7500 (O)
(843) 693-8305 (C)

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