Friday, July 6, 2018

Attend Upcoming CARTA Budget Hearings for Better Bus Service

The bus service your community receives from CARTA is controlled by the CARTA budget which has to be approved by some local municipalities and Charleston County Council each Summer. Last year this resulted in a budget which did not produce improved bus service to any significant extent.  The 11 million dollars left on the table of the 350 million dollar / 25 year funding stream for better bus service became in effect, an interest free loan for road construction under a "pay go" plan passed without public input by an obscure committee.

When Transit Advocates requested better bus service last year, CARTA said there was no money in the budget for it.  County Council said they gave CARTA all the money requested.

Here is the list of meetings where the CARTA budget will be considered this summer. If you live in one of these towns or cities, you should contact your Mayor and Town Council immediately. Advocates from Best Friends of Lowcountry Tranist will be happy to join and support you, but it is the local voice which will be heard.

The CARTA Preliminary Budget will be presented at:

·         City of Hanahan Council Meeting:  Tu-7/10 @ 6:30pm
·         City of Charleston Council Meeting:  Tu-7/17 @ 5 pm (Corrected from time provided by CARTA per City Announcement)
·         Town of Sullivan’s Island Council Meeting:  Tu-7/17 @ 6pm
·         Charleston County (Finance & Council Meetings)  Charleston County Finance Committee meeting will be held on Th-7/19 but they haven’t confirmed the time yet.  Their Council meeting will be held on Tu-7/24 @ 6:30pm.
·         City of Isle of Palms Council Meeting:  Tu-7/24 @ 6pm
·         Town of Kiawah Ways & Means Committee Meeting:  Tu-7/24 @ 2pm 
·         City of North Charleston Finance & Council Meetings: Th-8/16 @ 5pm

To contact us for assistance in being heard call William Hamilton at (843) 870-5299 or email

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