Sunday, April 12, 2020

Transportation Equity after the Pandemic by Charlie Smith Video Online

We've just posted a video version of Charlie Smith's great article on the future of Transportation here in Charleston and the Lowcountry. We asked him to cut his message down, record it in his own, authentic voice of local leadership and made it the soundtrack of a video. If you want to read his original column. you can find it on Charleston Currents, titles FOCUS, Smith: Pandemic lesson: Time to stop the asphalt gravy train

Everyone maintained radical social distancing during the production of this video. A musical video with the theme Together, We Go Forward is now in development.

Charlie Smith
Smith's article is well worth reading and sharing. He writes in part, "When the corona virus quarantine is over, let’s be sure to remember one of the most important lessons that we have learned: Let’s remember what it was like living in Charleston without traffic. The lesson we should learn from this experience is that it’s time to stop building bigger and bigger roads that only invite more and more cars and trucks that divide our community and diminish the health and well-being of our citizens."

A major national infrastructure bill with hundreds of billions of dollars for transportation is being drafted in Washington now. Signals from both sides in congress about when it will be introduced range from April 20, 2020 to after the fall election and are conflicted and changing. As a community, we need to be prepared to be informed and active citizens in this locked down world where most of our traditional methods of making ourselves heard aren't available. CARTA is already approved for over ten million dollars in emergency funding, most of which will be used to replace lost farebox and sales tax revenue.

Sign our online petition, Be Heard. 

Sol Legare Transit Advocates on Folly Rd.
You can sign this online petition about how Corona Virus funds should be used to improve Lowcountry transit now. In the absence of being able to organize in the community with traditional outreach, online activity is very important. We can't ask our congressmen to fight for something we don't ask them for. We have been in contact with both Clyburn and Cunningham's staff, but they need to hear from you as well. Telephone works best.
  • Joe Cunningham (202) 225-3176, ask to speak to Jose’
  • James Clyburn  (202)225-3315

Contact Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit

Please feel free to contact Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit with your ideas and input. Contact Executive director William Hamilton at (843) 870-5299 or by email at Transit in the Lowcountry

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