Friday, December 14, 2018

Johns Island Organizing for Better Transit Mon. Dec. 17

Millicent Traeye Middleton has called  a meeting on Monday, Dec. 17 at 4 PM at the John's Island Regional Library at 3531 Maybank Highway.  The meeting will included presentations by Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit and Tri County Link after which they’ll answer the public's questions and listen to public comments. Also attending will be representatives of the Charleston Area Justice Ministry, a 25 church association which has adopted improved public transit as their action goal for this year. You can find out more about this event online by going to

if you have ideas or questions, you can call  Millicent Traeye Middleton (pictured right)  at 954-825-8438

Over a half century ago Civil Rights leader Esau Jenkins (pictured above) organized a bus system for the people of the Sea Islands so they could reach education and employment opportunities denied them by segregationist laws and put a fleet of VW buses like the one pictured above on the road. Today the back window hatch of one of those buses hangs in the Smithsonian's African American History museum. it's a mighty heritage and an example of how the people of our sea islands don't wait for change, the make it. On Monday, they'll start an effort which will go into high gear next year. Join us and Together, We'll go forward.

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