Thursday, August 30, 2018

Lincolnville, Ladson and Summerville Get a Bus Line

Lincolnville, SC- Improved bus service will link Charleston to Summerville Starting Tuesday, September 4 when Tri-County Link starts running a new route from North of Summerville at Crossroads Plaza through Summerville to the Otranto / North Charleston Park and Ride Hub on River's Ave.  This will bring more frequent and useful tranist service to Lincolnville, Ladson and Communities along Highway 78.

Transit Outreach in Lincolnville
Full details about the route are now online at

In N. Charleston the new route will connect with the CARTA #1 Express and CARTA #10 Rivers Ave bus, both strong, heavily used bus lines. A park and ride facility under construction there will provide shelter, bathrooms and parking in the future.

The new bus line will also be the first in that are to be represented on Google Tranist, so trips can be planned online with connections to other CARTA bus routes.

Later, the Bus Rapid Tranist Line  planned to run from Summerville to Charleston will bring radically faster transit to this area, cutting travel times in half.

Summerville Transit Supporters.
Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit began working to improve transit in this area in Spring o 2017 with a public outreach effort along Highway 78 and River's Ave. covering over 23 miles of road frontage. Over the past year, they've held public information meetings in Summerville and Lincolnville, participated in a public hearing with Lincolnville Town Council, and done outreach at the Summerville Farmer's Market. The have operated public information tents at the Ladson Flea Market, Sangaree neighborhood spring festival and Lincolnville Back to School Celebration.

People in the area want better transit. Huge amounts of new construction and development are planned and a transit alternative to the often 90 minute car trip to Charleston is desired. People from Summerville, Lincolnville, Ladson and Sangaree have all made their desire for better transit known to their elected officials.  Our outreach teams were nearly always the first people to go out and talk to residents and businesses in the area about transit.  In it's 150 year history, local planning agencies had never visited the historic town of Lincolnville to discuss transit.

Or organizing efforts helped people in their area find their voice and get improved transit.

Best friends of Lowcountry Transit will continue their outreach and advocacy efforts for better transit this fall. To get involved contact William Hamilton at (843) 870-5299 or


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