Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Lincolnville Ladson Rt. 16 Propposal

Route 16  to Lincolnville, Ladson and N. Charleston
Public Hearing- Proposed #16 Regular Bus Route Lincolnville, Ladson, N. Charleston Wed. July 11- 7 pm At Lincolnville Town Hall, 141 W Broad St; Lincolnville, South Carolina 29485 Lincolnville Town Council will hear a short presentation and received public comment on a proposed new bus route.

Western Turn around Loop in Lincolnville
The public hearing will be held by Lincolnville Town Council as part of it’s regular meeting. You don’t have to be a citizen of the Town of Lincolnville to speak. 
There is a Facebook signup for the public hearing.  Printable PDF flyers promoting the meeting will be available here shortly. 
This is an independent community effort not connected to CARTA, Tri-county Link or the BCD COG. It is supported by Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit, Inc., a local Non-profit group dedicated to bringing better transit to the Lowcountry.

Current Service in Area 

Mayor Duberry, Lincolnville Town Hall
The area is currently served by a Tri County Link route which makes one morning and one evening run per day. While inadequate for a rapidly developing area with thousands of new residents, everyone is encouraged to support the existing route until better service can be made available. Full details on the Yellow D305 Link Route.

Preliminary Plan for the #16 Route

A map of the proposed bus route. 

This service improvement plan for CARTA would extend the existing bus service along the route of the proposed Bus Rapid Tranist Line to Ladson, Lincolnville, Sangaree and the Exchange Park Fairgrounds. It would reach the rapidly developing area and encourage transit ridership with initial service at the rate of one unit per hour. This would help build support for the BRT line and promote development patterns and cultural acceptance of transit in the area, including Summerville and Dorchester County.

A new designated route would share the route of the #10 bus from the new Otranto Park and Ride facility to Health South on Highway 78. It  would continue past the current end of the #10 Route at Health South on Highway 78, running Northwestward across I26 into Ladson.

It would pass the Fairgrounds and Coastal Carolina Flea Market outbound on Highway 78

It would make the turnaround with a loop through Lincolnville, turning left on to Von Olson road briefly before turning right on to Dumayher Hill Road.

The #16 route would take Dunmaher Hill Road across the Tracks to Lincoln Ave. and then turn left on to W. Broad Street for a stop and turnaround at Lincolnville Town Hall. While the stop at town hall adds a few mintues run time, it provides access to bathrooms, rain shelter and route information at town hall. A parking area can accomidate kiss riders and there is space for a shelter the Town is willing to construct. In very cold weather, people can wait inside town hall where an information station with ETA data can be istalled with power and internet access. The police are also nearby.

From Town hall the bus would return to highway 78 by way of Country Road and East Owens Drive, this will bering the route near the rear entrance of the new 2000 unit Magnolia Development.

The bus will return to highway 78 at East Owens, then back down Highway 78 to the start of the route.

Bus stop location, Royle Rd. & 78
Sangaree gets improved transit system access at the Stop at Royle Road and Highway 78 where a large gas station and convenience store provides a good location for a stop with space for kiss rider pick up and drop offs. The road crosses over I26 and offers a quick turnaround for people picking up and dropping off transit riders.

Service would run once an hour from 7 am to 8 pm and would be increased if ridership reaches acceptable levels. 

To achieve desired ridership levels the Town of Lincolnville would lead a community wide effort to reach potential riders along the route, working with the community in nearby Summerville, Ladson and Sangaree. It’s expected the effort would be conducted in the fall starting a few weeks before the new route begins running, take four weeks and consume approximately 200 hours of staff and volunteer time. A grant to support the cost of this outreach effort would be sought.

The goal is to have funding for this new route included in the CARTA 2018-19 budget being voted on this Summer and to have service begin in Fall 2018.

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